Top Ways to Protect Sensitive Data in an Organization

data policyIn today’s digital age, to keep an organization’s sensitive data secure from theft and vulnerability is not an easy task. There are many ways information ends up in the wrong hands and protecting it becomes harder by the day. In today’s business world, knowledge is the key to growth. Whether you are protecting customers’ payment information, sensitive information, employee data or even strategic business intelligence, there are critical steps you have to follow.

To protect your information such that it doesn’t leak to the public space, you have to take the necessary steps to secure your organization’s sensitive data.

Create a Data Policy

Create a policy that helps to identify and handle sensitive data. If an organization is not in a position to make a difference between sensitive and non-sensitive data, then securing it becomes a big problem. An organization needs to have a codified data policy that outlines the types of data considered confidential. Such an organization should also define a strict process for identifying these different data types. Tiers of data types should be classified as restricted, private or public. Restricted data is highly sensitive data that can cause severe damage to an organization if it leaks. Private information is moderately sensitive and possess a relatively low risk. Public data is non-sensitive and possesses no risk.

Use Encryption

safetyYou need to use encryption to protect moving data. Organization need to understand the importance of securing data within their network and implement security measures to protect it within the perimeters of their IT systems and thus prevent unauthorized access. Sensitive data will always be on the move as it is getting accessed by all types of people. To protect information that is on the move and getting accessed by different people, it needs to be encrypted and be confined in a secure environment.

Use Secure Software

In your organization, you need to choose and use the secure software at all times. Software developers use a tremendous amount of variance regarding their security standards. Your choice of software should at all times be safe to decrease any likelihood of attackers accessing your sensitive information. If you are using software that is not secure, it can be a huge problem, especially when storing customer payment information.

Password Security

To secure your data in an organization, you need to improve your password security. Some data breaches are caused by allowing mistakes in the underlying information security. The use of weak passwords is a well-known problem that can significantly compromise the security of data in an organization. Those heading security organs in an organization should roll out a password management application to secure data.

Security Awareness

Organizations should strive to develop a culture of security awareness and education.  In an organization, employees are the most valuable security assets. When you create a culture of security awareness, it helps employees identify potential issues affecting data. In that way, they are able to disclose mistakes and issues likely to affect data.  ELearning programs and courses can help educate employees on matters of data security.

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